MATS: Creating Collections for Home Decor

Class- Mini for Day 1- 1/19/16

I’m going to try and keep my blog updated as much as I can while I take the MATS Courses. That way I can

share what I’ve been working on. So far I am loving these courses and I don’t know why I didn’t sign up for them

sooner!  So here is my Mini for Day 1- Color Hunt

for the course MATS: Creating Collections for Home Décor class

Photo of Color Palette taken by Joanne Paynter


Updating Product- 12/9/15

Hi everyone, I have been asked when will I be adding more of my prints into product? You asked for it, and I’m working on it! Check out the cute Blue Footed Booby iPhone 6 Barely There case now available in my shop on Zazzle!

Blue Footed Booby iphone 6 Barely There Case


Happy Friday!

Been playing with colorways and adding more fun prints to my Spoonflower store! A fun new set designed on Polyvore to kick off the weekend featuring the Pastel Ikat Wristlet now available on my Zazzle store:)

Boho Chic Pastel Ikat Wristlet

I Adore Foxes

I adore ALL animals and believe we should treat them with the kindness and respect they deserve. Elephants should not be ridden and dolphins should not be swam with.  Orcas and dolphins should swim free in the ocean and not in the small tanks they circle in captivity,  there is no comparison. No animal should be forced into a circus to suffer cruelty and a life of abuse.  I could go on forever but I’ll save that for another day, right night I’m simply adoring foxes! Although I did this print a while back I decided now is a good time to release a new print in my Society 6 shop:)

Adore Foxes Pillow on Society 6 by Joanne Paynter Design

Adore Foxes Pillow on Society 6 by Joanne Paynter Design

Surtex 2014

Super excited that Art Licensing chose two of my patterns, Mixed Mustaches and Ooh La La! to feature within their amazing display this year at Surtex!!! I wish I could have been there to see it in person! If you’re attending Surtex right now in NYC, Art Licensing can be found at Booth 204-208 today!

Ooh La La! & Mixed Mustaches by Joanne Paynter Design

Ooh La La! & Mixed Mustaches by Joanne Paynter Design

Image above courtesy of Art Licensing

Big News!

We’re excited to announce we have a little one on the way!














Recent Interview with The Surface Pattern Design Guild:

As a new member of the Surface Pattern Design Guild  I was recently chosen to be interviewed as a featured member on their site!

You can check out the full article here.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 9.14.37 AM






Adding New Prints to the Society 6 Shop!

It’s been a while and boy have we been busy!  So much has happened since New Years and it’s hard to believe it’s already February 6th and we are finally getting some rain in Southern California!  It’s been a dry, dry winter and it hasn’t rained a drop since mid November. No rain=no snow, so for those of you that know me well you can understand how frustrating this no snow situation can be.  I have decided to throw myself into my designs.  I’m busy learning every possible technique there is and OMG it’s mind boggling and downright time consuming but I love it, I crave it and can’t imagine my life without pattern design.  My no-snow days are my rainy gloomy days, without patterns, life would be so dull and boring don’t you agree?  Stop by the Society 6 shop and see what new prints are in store:) It has been a real toss up for me on sticking with Zazzle vs. Society 6. There are products I like on both sites, but I am gearing more toward the Society 6 site these days….would love your thoughts on this!

Piece of Pi Tote by Joanne Paynter on Society 6

Piece of Pi Tote by Joanne Paynter on Society 6

Chevron Birds Throw Pillow by Joanne Paynter on Society 6

Chevron Birds Throw Pillow by Joanne Paynter on Society 6

Stanley Sloth Mug by Joanne Paynter on Society 6

Stanley Sloth Mug by Joanne Paynter on Society 6

Piece of Pi- Geek Chic Entry in the Fabric8 Contest:

Very excited to have made it to the semi-finalist round for this years Fabric8 Contest! For this year’s theme Geek Chic, I bring you Piece of Pi:)

From over 750 entries I am stoked to have made it this far among 99 other semi-finalists!  If you would like to vote for my entry shown below please click Here.  Last day to vote is Wednesday, May 15th…thank you!


Piece of Pi © 2013 Joanne Paynter Design


Salta, Argentina- New Color Inspiration

Salta, Argentina is a beautiful colonial city in northwest Argentina. 7 years ago my good friend Nicole and I went backpacking through here on our way from Buenos Aires up to Purmamarca Jujuy to see the Cerro de Siete Colores, “Hill of Seven Colors” which was breathtaking to say the least!

Here’s a bit of color inspiration for the day:)



Cerro de Siete Colores as seen above will provide for a great color pallete another day…

Right now I’m all too focused on Summer and Spring!

Salta, Argentina by Night:



Color Inspiration by Joanne Paynter Design


Cathedral of Salta by night, love the pastel pink and cream color….


Salta was breathtaking, the architecture, the people and also the food was delicious:) And now of course it’s almost lunch and I’m craving Empanadas!


Secret Restaurants

We all have them, our favorite spots the ones we prefer to hold dear to our hearts and share with friends.

This place has some of the best authentic Mexican food I’ve ever have. It’s so secret, I don’t even think it has a name!?

Seriously if it does I don’t even know it, I just know where it is and that it’s really good! I took this shot a while back enjoying the sun on the patio.

These colors are perfect for Spring…


Color Inspiration by Joanne Paynter Design

The Colors of Bangkok

Inspiration for a new print I’m working on for Summer!