Joanne is a San Diego based Surface Pattern Designer with a background in Fashion and Surface Pattern Design.  Knowing she wanted to work in fashion at an early age, she learned to sew when she was seventeen.  Joanne studied Fashion Design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), and has 10+ years experience in the industry designing everything from apparel and handbags to patterns for textiles, paper products, accessories, and home decor.  Having always been drawn to fabric and amazing patterns she quickly fell in love with the  Surface Pattern Design world and is currently building her portfolio focusing on her licensing and freelance work at this time.

Always being drawn to beautiful patterns and color her designs are bright, fun and playful.  Her favorite designs are her conversational and animal patterns she comes up with. From sock wearing ostriches, to cats wearing bow ties and reading glasses just sitting there next to vintage briefcases and typewriters, these prints want your imagination to run wild, get lost and just make you smile.  Joanne draws on inspiration from her travels, her love for animals and nature around her to design prints and illustrations for a broad range of surfaces including textiles, housewares, printed paper products, and more.

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